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Park in Autumn

Tour Kalamazoo

Take a minute to explore all the elements of this bike tour.  Scroll down and read about some of the stops and the things that are included in your registration fee. We want a "slow roll" through all these great things happening just east and north of Downtown.

Tour Stops:

  1. Heritage Hall WMU

  2. Heritage Guitars and the future Hard Rock Hotel

  3. Factory Coffee

  4. Harrison Park

  5. Brewery Outre

  6. Bell's Brewery

  7. Vine Neighborhood/Fourth Coast

  8. Heritage Hall - WMU


Tour Stops Highlights

Heritage Guitars is one of the stops so that you can see where the future Hard Rock Cafe Hotel will be located.  This is all part of the expansion of River's Edge and the development that will continue to make Kalamazoo a great place to explore.

Harrison Circle (which includes Harrison Park) is at the heart of River's Edge.  This is a stop where you will be able to hydrate, visit Brewery Outre, play a couple of yard games, and then get ready to move through the tour to the next stop. Hydration also includes a nifty portajon.

Bell's Brewery is a perfect stop for beverages and great food. The Eccentric Cafe is not only relaxing, but some of the best food is served in a perfect setting.  And, they have great bike racks so you can enjoy a drink or two.

Vine Neighborhood is at the heart of the City of Kalamazoo and a stop at Vine and S. Westnedge will finish the event's stops. As you stop on Vine at the tent, you can visit Fourth Coast or grab something to drink at the hydration tent and then move on to Heritage Hall at WMU to complete the tour. 


Our tour is July 30, 2023 from 12:30 pm - 5 pm. Cyclists can end when they are done, but the course closes at 5 pm We begin in-person registration at

12 pm the day of the event at Heritage Hall on WMU's campus.

Online registration is now available!

Visit our registration tab for more details!

Family Bike Trip


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